Celebrate Valentine's Day with This Snack

Well. Time flies by and we are gonna celebrate valentine's day. To celebrate this special moment, we often see chocolate snacks. Chocolate is good for the body indeed, but, if it's consumed in a heavy portion, it will increase your fat level in the body. That's why the alternative is needed to celebrate anti-mainstream Valentine's day with unusual snacks. You need to try Tic Tac snack from Dua Kelinci that #SerunyaGakBisaBerhenti. So, how to celebrate anti-mainstream Valentine's day with this snack?

Friends in Gathering Moment

When celebrating Valentine, you definitely want to gather with people you love. Besides gathering, you also want to spend your time with them in having conversations or doing relaxing activities. Don't miss the memorable moment to gather with people you love without Tic Tac. With Tic Tac, it's guaranteed to make your gathering moment more exciting and not boring. Besides that, this snack is also satiating.

Friend to Share

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Valentine's day. Besides making a chocolate gift, you can also make a valentine's hamper with snacks from Dua Kelinci. This Valentine's hamper is definitely anti-mainstream and gives a different impression for the recipient. Besides making the different gifts, Valentine's hamper with Tic Tac makes the gift become more special because it's filled by a snack that is not only savory and crunchy but also delicious and low-calorie. Tic Tac that is produced in various variants can make your valentine's gift colorful and different from the mainstream gift.

Those things are several ways to celebrate anti-mainstream valentine's day with this snack. Celebrating valentine's day is not only with chocolate. Tic Tac is also able to be an alternative to celebrate interesting Valentine's day. Besides it could be a friend in gathering moments with your loved ones, it also can be a valentine's gift for people we love. Don't forget to buy various variants of Tic Tac so your valentine's day moment becomes more colorful.