New Sukro’s Flavour for Spicy Lovers

Guys! What do you usually do, when you’re hungry but you are lazy to eat heavily? People often choose snacking. Especially, for those of you who often feel like you don't have time to make heavy meals. Enjoying snacks is more exciting when working, watching Drakor, or thinking about her and talking to friends.

Surely as true +62 citizens, we really like tasty, spicy, salty snacks that are easy to carry anywhere. Well, one of the ever popular snack brands in Indonesia is Sukro. Various kinds of flavors from Sukro are always present in every moment in your life so that #JadiLebihSeru, friend. There are BBQ-flavored Sukro, Kribo Sukro, Original Sukro, Kedele Sukro, Onion Oven Sukro, Grilled Corn Oven Sukro and Peas Sukro. So many flavors from Sukro, right? You don't need to be confused about choosing, all the flavors are good!


There is another one, guys! Which of you likes a lot of spice flavour? The taste of the legendary Sukro now comes with a new taste, the Spicy Sukro Oven. You can get the Spicy Sukro Oven at the nearest stalls and supermarkets, cuy. If you are lazy to leave, all you have to do is click the link on Sukro Instagram bio! It's really easy to get it.


For you spicy lovers, don't forget to try the Spicy Sukro Oven! Lunch with the Spicy Sukro Oven topping has become a really epic collaboration to try, cuy. It is also suitable if eaten together with soupy foods such as meatballs or chicken noodles. The spicy taste makes you addicted and guaranteed that Sukro will not disappoint you. So that you are not curious, let's try the Spicy Sukro Oven now! You can also create your food so that it is more fun with Sukro!