Tips to Make Simple Snack from Usagi

Productive activity is an activity that is done with the purpose to produce something beneficial. It also can be used to enhance the skill and obtain a new habit. When we try to be productive, we often remember things that we didn't have time to do because we were busy outside the house such as doing the workout for 15 to 30 minutes a day so our body will keep healthy, eating nutritional foods, learning new languages, new skills, or joining the webinar.

To try new skills during the pandemic, Usagi Friends can try to learn cooking and making snacks at home. This pandemic of covid-19 makes us become selective in buying snacks. Those who love snacking can try to make your own snacks.

One of the snacks that are easy to make at home is cookies. This has a small and flat shape also a sweet flavor that is perfect for you who likes snacking. Usagi Snack from Dua Kelinci is really suitable to be one of your cookies ingredients. You can choose every variant of Usagi you like to be the ingredients to make your snacks such as Usagi Puff and Usagi Balls.

Usagi Puff is really suitable perfect combination to make cookies. Here are some tips to make Cookies Usagi Ceria for Usagi Friends!


1. Usagi Puff

2. Melted Dark Chocolate

3. Corn Flake

4. Rainbow Chocolate Sprinkles

5. Cup Cake

How to Make it:

1. Mix Usagi Puff and Corn Flake to the melted chocolate.

2. Stir it until well blended.

3. Pour it into the cupcake paper and sprinkle the rainbow chocolate.

4. Let stand until the dough is dried or the chocolate is hardening.

It's really simple to make it, right? Cookies Usagi Ceria is definitely favored by everyone, children, adults, even the elder.

You can also check the complete tutorial video here!